KAMP Music
Madhvi Mehta & Asim Mehta

Madhvi and Asim have been performing light music in the San Francisco Bay Area, all of USA, and India since 1989. They have enthralled audiences with their wonderful voices with performances not limited to Geet, Ghazals, Bhajans, Semi-Classical songs, Raas-Garba, Folk songs, old and new Bollywod songs, and traditional Gujarati wedding songs. Their garbas have been set to choreographies at various competitions all over the country and have recieved many first place prizes in national competitions such as CCF and FOGANA.

Madhvi holds a Bachelors degree in Classical Vocal music from MS University of Baroda. She was initially trained in light music under the able guidance of Shri Jaidev Bhojak. She has also had advanced training from Ms. Meena Bapat of Baroda, Shri Krishnakant Parikh of Ahmedabad and Ms. Shubha Joshi of Mumbai. Madhvi's style of singing highlights the soul of the composition, with beautiful voice culture and fine voice modulations which bring out the emotions and mood of the song to the fullest. Madhvi is also an excellent composer and has composed many ghazals, raas-garba and light songs.

Asim has trained under Shri Laxmikant Bapat of Baroda and Shri Laxmi Ganesh Tiwari of Sonoma. In addition to his singing talents he is a creative composer and arranger of music. He plays Harmonium and Keyboard with great ease and expertise. His rich and deep voice is well suited equally for ghazals, folk songs, or any other genre of light popular music and is very soothing to the ear. His renditions of Muhammed Rafi and Jagjit Singh's songs are a treat for the ear.

Madhvi and Asim have a number of albums to their credit. Their first album of Raas-Garba called "Haa Re Maa" was released in 1993 and was an instant hit. Since then they have produced and sung in 10 other albums under their music banner KAMP Music. These include popular albums like Dilruba (Instrumental Dilruba), Passion (Geet/Ghazals), Rang Mala (Bhajans), Bhajan Amrut (Bhajans), Shraddhanjali (Bhajans), Bhajananjali (Bhajans), Sayabo Maro (Raas-Garba), and Ravindra Gurjari (Ravindra Sangeet in Gujarati).

Their album, Sayabo Maro, is a collection of garba, raas and various other folk songs including diva dance and a bedla dance. In addition to their own compositions, this album includes compositions by renowned composer Late Shri Dilip Dholakia and rythm maestro Shri Vikram Patil. The soulful lyrics are written by Haa Re Maa fame lyricist Meghlata Mehta.

The whole album is an ecstatic rythmic and melodious experience which will bring everyone to their feet wanting to dance. This album is a perfect selection for dance choreographers and stage shows. Not to mention it's a wonderful CD simply for listening pleasure!

Madhvi and Asim train students at their music school called the Aarohi School of Indian Music. Here they teach Vocal, Harmonium, and Keyboard.

Apart from their musical talents, Madhvi and Asim have also been successfully compering as MC's at various stage shows like CCF. They also get invited to judge at various music and dance competitions.